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Song of India, a family run business, has been manufacturing natural perfume oils since 1932. These temple-quality fragrances are made in India and packaged in beautiful hand-carved soapstone jars; no two are the same! 

Amber is a warm, resinous scent that is rich and earthy. It produces feelings of wealth, warmth and serenity.

Buddha Delight is a heavenly scent that promotes inner peace and well-being. This floral scent is slightly woody with hints of musk and fig.

The scent of jasmine is sure to brighten the spirit and is also said to have aphrodisiac properties. This dizzying aroma is rich, floral and sweet. Get wrapped up in jasmine’s warm embrace.

Krishna musk wraps you in a sense of peace and inner balance. The earthy sandalwood base makes for a sensual and seductive aroma that raptures the senses.

The scent of opium can be described as exotic, musky and spicy. It is a purifying scent used for cleansing, inspiring energy and strength.

The wonderfully exotic scent of patchouli is one of the most distinctive fragrant herbal perfumes. The earthy and woody aroma is a rich fruity scent, soothing and seductive.

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